Jumping in to Save a Western Canadian Species

Did you know Western Canada has leopards? Leopard frogs, that is. You’ll need to look closely – these spotted hoppers are great at hiding – our researchers know this from experience. They spend their summers on the lookout for wild frogs, searching for information that could help solve the mystery of the species’ strange disappearance from many of the province’s wetlands. These frogs have been on the decline in Western Canada since the 1970's, and represent an important part of the amphibian population.

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Conservation Status

Source: SARA

Jumping in to save northern leopard frogs

Learn how the zoo's Conservation Research team is working to save northern leopard frogs.

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The circular spots on northern leopard frogs’ backs and legs are like fingerprints – no two frogs have the same pattern.

At a Glance

Scientific Name

Rana pipiens


16 - 80 g (0.56 - 2.82 oz.)


5 - 12.7 cm (2 - 5 in.)

Conservation Status

Special Concern


Aquatic habitats such as ponds, marshes and slow moving rivers


Insects, worms and smaller frogs

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