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Working at the Zoo

At the Calgary Zoo, we’re always looking for employees who care about animals, conservation and visitor experiences. Some employees work with us for a season or two, while others have been part of the zoo crew for decades. The Calgary Zoo is one wild and beautiful place to work, and it’s the only workplace in Calgary where you can spend your break roaming beautiful gardens and hanging around with exotic animals from around the world.

If interested in a career at the zoo, please visit Job Openings and apply for the position or positions you are interested in.

Where You Work and Learn


Benefits at the Zoo

Working alongside animals and helping to protect wildlife and wild places are just two of the many benefits of working at the Calgary Zoo.

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Branches & Departments

Learn how the Calgary Zoo is organized and find out which zoo department is the best fit for you.

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Careers FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions people ask the Human Resources Department at the Calgary Zoo.

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