Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported ZOOGALA 2014:Gallivant!

After 24 years of fun and fundraising, we are retiring our annual ZOOGALA event. The food and wine evening was first introduced in 1991 and for several years was Calgary’s only annual event of its kind. In recent years, however, the city has seen the introduction of dozens of similar food and cultural events that compete with ZOOGALA. In fact, there are now more than 60 annual festivals and cultural events in Calgary. In addition, we created our annual Tusks n’ Tails event which has become the zoo’s preeminent fundraising event.

As result, we’ve seen ZOOGALA attendance and revenues decline steadily to the point where the event no longer generates a positive return. Last year, while the event cleared just $30,709, factoring day closure and lost membership sales, we lost money. ZOOGALA has been a wonderful showcase for the zoo – over its lifetime, it raised nearly $2 million for the zoo. But even good things come to an end. We will now direct our efforts into launching ILLUMINASIA, our new six-week Asian Lantern & Garden Festival this September.

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