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Penguin Walk


Attention Penguin Walk fans! On Saturday, March 30th the kings will NOT be walking because of all the other fun Easter Eggstravaganza activities occuring! Just not enough space for them to walk safely that day! We apologize for any inconvenience but they will continue to walk Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11am until April 6th! Weather dependent. If it's too warm, the kings will return to their cooler indoor enclosures soon for the summer! If you are unsure on the day of your visit, please call our Guest Relations team at (403) 232-9300

THE OPPORTUNITYRockhopper Jumping

Meet king penguins Arthur, Ceasar, Diana, Grace, Hera, Solomon, and Tut! Our king penguins are ready to meet the public . . . closer than ever before! Beginning January 14 until the weather permits (end of March/early April), the kings are leading the way, starting and ending their loop route at Penguin Plunge. The Penguin Walk is held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 11:00am – 11:15am.


- Please keep your distance
- Keep garbage, and small objects away from the penguins, this could seriously injure the penguins.
- Penguins cannot come out to walk when it’s colder than -25°C or warmer than +10°C, or if they are not up for a stroll that particular day.

Please note, to ensure the safety of the penguins during the walk, the zoo bridge and north entrance foyer will be blocked off. So make sure to come a little early to save your spot!

Penguin Walk

Every Mon, Wed & Sat at 11am until the weather permits (end of March/early April).

How You Can Help

Learn more about Calgary Zoo's efforts in supporting penguin conservation by clicking here.

Or find our more about the Penguin Lifelines project by clicking here.