Zoo Improvements

The Calgary Zoo is committed to continually improving and enriching guest experience. 

Current projects:

Zoo improvements

•Giant Pandas

The Calgary Zoo is thrilled to welcome a family of four giant pandas in spring 2018. Originially from China, adult panda pair Er Shun and Da Mao have spent the last five years at the Toronto Zoo, where Er Shun gave birth to rare giant panda twin cubs in October, 2015! When their five year visit is finished in 2018, the panda family will travel to Calgary, where they will live for five more years in Canada. 

These incredible mammals will arrive to find a brand new world-class giant panda habitat - Passage to Pandas. The Calgary Zoo last hosted giant pandas in 1988, and is currently renovating an older building to ensure that these pandas have the best home 2018 can offer. The past Eurasian Gateway building in the Eurasia section's renovations are underway and will be unveiled in spring 2018.

Dr. Clément Lanthier, President and CEO, Calgary Zoo confirms, “our panda exhibit designs [will] accommodate the four animals as well as providing additional room should Er Shun conceive here in Calgary. We are excited to bring the magic of pandas back to our community as part of our Master Plan.”

Update: This project is ongoing.

City of Calgary improvements

•Flood Mitigation 

The Calgary Zoo is located on St. George's island, centred in the Bow River next to the downtown core of Calgary. The City of Calgary’s Zoo Flood Mitigation Project was implimented in will protect the zoo against a flood to a level of a one-in-100 year event – which is a metre above the flood levels of the famous event in 2013. The project includes anti-flood measures such as:

  • A barrier consisting of a below- and above-ground steel wall around the perimetre of St. George's Island.
  • Below ground, steel driven to bedrock, creating an impermeable barrier against seepage.

Construction began in March 2016 and is anticipated to be completed in late 2017. As of September 2017, major construction has been completed, and final flood protection measures are underway. 

Update: This project is ongoing.

•North Entrance Atrium - Zoo C-Train Station 

The City of Calgary has begun construction at the North Entrance Atrium near the Zoo C-Train Station. These renovations are to make repairs to the space and improve accessibility, including changes like new LED lighting, an upgraded ceiling and wall finishes, an improved layout for security cameras and more. The project will be completed in three phrases with the full project wrapped up in March 2018; the first phase includes adding scaffolding just in front of the admission offices at the North Entrance (or knuckle) near the C-train ramp from September 21 - 29. Signage will be in place to ensure the public are aware that the zoo is open during all renovations.

Update: This project is ongoing.

Learn more about the Calgary Zoo Flood Protection Project here