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The ZooCare adopt a species program supports the care and feeding of over 1,000 animals at the Calgary Zoo.  By symbolically adopting an animal, you are showing your love for wildlife.  Your support helps provide exceptional care for zoo animals through specially designed diets and enrichment activities which provide mental and physical stimulation to encourage the same behavior they display in the wild. 

To adopt today, or for more information please call us at (403)232-7774, or order securely online! Please allow five-ten days for delivery.

Adoption Levels for Feature Animals: Lemur, Tiger, Grizzly, Humboldt Penguin, Giraffe, Red Panda and Hippo​

$25 or more: Emailed certificate and a bio-fact PDF. Go green and make your donation really count. By choosing to receive your certificate and animal fact card by email, you are saving both paper and postage costs for the zoo – which means more of your donation goes to help feed and care for your favourite animals! P.S. You can choose any animal at the zoo for an e-adoption, not just a feature animal!

$50 or more: Mailed adoption package including a certificate for one of our feature animals, a collector bio-fact card, with full colour picture of the animal, and a window sticker.

When you order online, please note in the comments field which animal you would like to adopt, and what name you would like on the certificate, as well as any other special instructions. Please allow ten business days for delivery.

You will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the eligible amount of your donation.

Because zoo animals are living creatures, they can become ill, be moved off exhibit or transferred to other facilities for breeding. If your adopted animal leaves the zoo, your gift will still be used and appreciated for the remainder of the year.

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There are about 95 species of lemurs with many different sizes, colours and habits. Mongoose lemurs are special because they are cathemeral – they are active at different times of the day, depending on the season.