Conservation Education

Learning for Wildlife

Our Approach

It’s easy to get Calgary Zoo visitors excited about nature – you almost can’t help but feel a connection with the amazing creatures that call the zoo home. Our Education Department’s role is to celebrate the magical moments that happen at the zoo, to open up people’s hearts and minds, and then help them take the next step – whether that’s making changes in their own lives, recycling their cell phone or supporting the work of conservation organizations like the Calgary Zoo. The breadth and diversity of education programs and visitor experiences we offer is an important part of our commitment to conservation.

Our Team

Our team of educators includes interpreters, teachers, program coordinators, summer camp leaders and volunteers who are passionate about sharing their excitement for wildlife – both flora and fauna. Each year we hold hundreds of different programs for all ages and interests, connecting with more than 575,000 people. Through these programs, adults and children learn about our conservation initiatives and discover ideas for how they can help the environment.

Our Programs

From sleepovers to team builders, we have fun, educational programs for everyone.

Kids really do belong in a zoo. In 2016, 1300 kids enjoyed a weeklong zoo camp experience during spring or summer camps as well as our PD Day camps.

We believe in building a love of nature early on in life. We hosted 159 themed birthday parties  were held at the zoo for three to 12 year olds in 2016.

More than 218,000 visitors enjoyed a nature talk by one of our interpreters or keeper presentation team in 2016.

Between 2007 and 2012 zoo visitors just like you have helped us recycle almost 21,000 cell phones, raising almost $21,000 for our conservation outreach  fund and has gone towards helping primates, including apes, in the wild.

Chevron Zoo School, an award-winning program, supported by Chevron celebrated its 24th year. Part of the Campus Calgary Open Minds program, more than 100,000 students have participated in week-long inquiry programs at sites around the city. We’re helping build conservation stewards, one student at a time!

More than 20,000 children and teens attend curriculum-based school programs each year at the zoo. We explore a range of topics including biodiversity, community conservation and wetlands. 

A mammal is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal with a covering of skin and hair. Mammals include cats, dogs, monkeys, and even some aquatic aimals like hippos and whales.