Board of Trustees and Executive Team

Our Board of Trustees, elected by the Calgary Zoological Society, includes between 16 and 25 individuals. All leaders in their fields, trustees are volunteers who work together to create a policy framework for the zoo.

Calgary Zoo 2017 Board of Trustees and Executive Team

Members, listed from left to right.

Ron Butler, Harinder Basra, Ken Lueers, Dr. Clément Lanthier (President and CEO), Andrew MacNair (past Board Chairman), Barbara Conkie, Sherri Balm, Deborah Stephens, Gord Olsen (Board Chairman), Rick Kuzek, Bill Fisher, Owen Tobert, Dr. Terry Hunt, Hunter Wight, Greg Royer (Chief Operating Officer), Allan Pedden (Chief Financial Officer), Randy Pettipas, Karyn Brooks, Jason Clifton and Gary Durbeniuk (Vice President, Development).

Missing: Glenn Solomon (Vice Chairman), Michael McKerracher (Secretary/Treasurer), Shannon Bowen-Smed and Roy Whitney.

Markhors have been known to climb trees in search of nutritious leaves. One was sighted on the branch of an oak tree about six metres (19 feet) above the ground, calmly munching on leaves.