Senior Management

Our senior leadership team is a strong and talented group of managers with specialized skillsets. They balance the complexities of animal welfare, conservation, education and the visitor’s experience every day.

Dr. Clément Lanthier —  President & CEO


Allan Pedden — Chief Financial Officer


Gary Durbeniuk — Vice President, Development


Greg Royer — Chief Operating Officer


Lindsey Galloway — Senior Director, Corporate Services & Customer Experience


Jamie Dorgan — Director, Animal Care


Darryl Dziadyk — Director, Facilities, Grounds & Environment


Peter Findlay — Director, Guest Services


Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager — Director, Conservation & Science


Shawna Boyko — Senior Manager, People Services, Human Resources


Mark Hoshizaki — Senior Manager, Information Technology 


Carla Paton — Senior Manager, Development 


Bob Reekie — Controller, Finance


Len Wolstenholme — Senior Advisor, External Relations, Development 

The horns of male Dall’s sheep grow in the spring, summer and early fall, but stop growing during the winter. This creates growth rings, like on a tree, that can be used to determine their age.