Get to Know Tigers at the Calgary Zoo

Visit the Calgary Zoo’s tigers and you can’t help but notice their size – they’re the biggest cats in the world. But size isn’t their only advantage – tigers are actually a bit like superheroes. With night vision, laser-sharp senses, camouflaging colour and rapid-fire agility, they’re tailor-made for stealthy nighttime hunting trips. Want to get in on the action? Come catch a glimpse of our three tigers – Baikal, Katja, and Kira – in the daylight, of course.

Conservation Status

Source: IUCN

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Breeding Species on the Brink

The Calgary Zoo cooperates with other accredited zoos across North America in managed breeding programs, called Species Survival Plans, for many species.

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Tigers are great swimmers and can even swim across lakes and rivers.

Important Facts

Here's where we call home

Eastern Russia Amur tigers, once known as Siberian tigers, were originally named because they were found throughout much of Siberia. Today, their territory has shrunk to a small area in northeastern Russia called the Amur Valley.

At a Glance

Scientific Name

Panthera tigris altaica


100 - 306 kg (220 - 673 lb.)


Length of 305 - 366 cm (10 - 12 ft.)

Conservation Status



Vast woodlands of northern birch forests


Mainly wild boar, deer, antelope, buffalo or gaur

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