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When you visit the Calgary Zoo’s giraffes, Nabo and Carrie (and newborn calf!), be prepared to look up. Way up! With their heads seemingly in the clouds, giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth – their legs alone are taller than most people.

The adults aren't the only tall ones- our new giraffe calf was born at a whopping 6 feet and 6 inches! Have you been introduced to the zoo's newest family member?

From her first wobbling steps in this video, to frolicking in her habitat with mom Carrie, our new giraffe calf is a sight to see. 

As you watch them use their long necks and purple tongues to reach leaves high up in the trees, just imagine what the world below looks like to them. Talk about a giraffe’s eye view!


Conservation Status

Source: IUCN

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Breeding Species on the Brink

The Calgary Zoo cooperates with other accredited zoos across North America in managed breeding programs, called Species Survival Plans, for many species.

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Giraffe legs can pack a real punch. Full-grown giraffes can kick hard enough to break a lion’s skull or spine.

Important Facts

Here's where we call home

Masai Giraffe: Kenya, Tanzania

Reticulated Giraffe: Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia

Giraffes roam open acacia savannahs and woodlands in small groups

At a Glance

Scientific Name

Giraffe camelopardalis reticulata


1,200 - 1,900 kg (2,645 - 4,188 lb.)


3.8 - 5.7 m (12.5 - 18.7 ft.)

Conservation Status

Least Concern


Dry, open acacia savannahs and woodlands


Primarily leaves and twigs from acacia trees

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