April 17, 2019 Calgary Zoo

Zoo Guide: How to Have the Best Easter Ever!

We have a super eggciting Easter weekend planned for you. Easter Eggstravaganza from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday/Saturday and Easter Brunch on Sunday means we’ll be celebrating all weekend long! With so much happening, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve outlined every must-do item to help you plan the perfect trip to the zoo this weekend. Here’s your guide to Easter at the zoo:

Head West 🧭

The sooner you’re at the zoo, the sooner the fun can begin! That’s why the number one tip on this list is using our West Entrance if you’re planning on arriving early. As of April 13, the zoo’s West Gate is open for the season. No C-Train traffic and a direct route to Panda Passage makes our lesser used West Gate the best entrance for those in-the-know.

Ace your face 🐼

Face painting is one of the zoo’s most popular Easter activities, and for good reason. While learning all about your favourite animals, you can look like them too! Located in the Creativity Zone at the Discovery Centre hop in line for your turn, and make sure to grab a treat bag before leaving to find your animal look-alikes.

Credit: Sergei Belski

Throw your weight around in the Play Zone ⛏️

Rival Mobile Axe Throwing is returning to the zoo for Easter Eggstravaganza! Zoo-goers can put their brawns to the test at this increasingly trendy pit-stop before visiting the other can’t-miss items in our Play Zone including a bouncy house, archery, giant hamster ball and more!

Satisfy your cravings 🧁

Located in our Sweet Zone at the ENMAX Conservatory, the Crave Cupcake station will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth (for children 12 and under). After grabbing one of these tasty treats, you can showcase your artistic skills with our giant mural.

Learn from the pros at Tiger Training 🐯

Ever wonder how we provide the best care possible to our big cats? Stop by our daily Tiger Training and find out! This enrichment program is not only great for stimulating the tigers’ minds and bodies, it also makes health checks easier!

Recycle your cell phone ♻️

One of the best ways to celebrate any holiday is by getting in touch with your altruistic side and doing something to make the world a better place. Recycling an old cell phone is a great place to start. Drop off your old mobile devices at our Enviro Zone on the West Lawn and learn about the importance of conservation… and why you’re helping preserve gorilla habitat/gorilla conservation.

Flutter through our Butterfly Garden 🦋

The arrival of spring doesn’t just mean Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs. At the Calgary Zoo, it means butterflies. Over the next five months, thousands of butterflies will make their appearance in the ENMAX Conservatory’s Garden Gallery. Weekly shipments of chrysalis from butterfly farms in Costa Rica and Asia ensure that we have the most beautiful and unique butterflies in the world, while supporting local farmers and the preservation of precious rainforests.

Journey through Prehistoric Park 🦖

Our dinomyte park is open for the season. With life-sized dinos around every corner, Prehistoric Park lets you travel back in time and see what Alberta may have looked like all those years ago…

Munch on Brunch 🥞

If you can’t make it to Friday and Saturday’s Easter Eggstravaganza – or even if you can – our special Easter Sunday Brunch is a must-do. Enjoy a delicious buffet brunch (seriously, when’s the last time you’ve had locally-sourced eggs and a chocolate fountain in the same meal?) before heading out for a day of exploring the zoo. It’s the perfect way to spend time together as a family while welcoming spring and experiencing the amazing creatures we share our planet with.

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