December 26, 2017 Calgary Zoo

ZOOLIGHTS: What to do in cold weather?

Calgary is experiencing some wintry temperatures – so what does that mean for your ZOOLIGHTS visit? We’ve got you covered, so get your glow on at ZOOLIGHTS and make memories, despite the chill. Here are our tips for a cold weather trip.

ZOOLIGHTS presented by JSS Barristers  is back for it’s 20th year, spanning from November 24, 2017- January 6, 2018, and there’s no shortage of activities to keep visitors busy. When it’s chilly outside, the zoo organizers will adjust the event to accomodate the temperature, and allow visisitors to still enjoy their night out.

Q: When does ZOOLIGHTS change according to our cold weather procedure?

A: Organizers take weather reports from the city and temperatures on the island into consideration. If it’s minus 26 degrees outside with windchill or colder, the staff will make a few changes to the event to allow visitors to stay warmer.

Get your glow on at ZOOLIGHTS.

Get your glow on at ZOOLIGHTS.

Q: How do we find out about this change?

A: This blog will be posted on the zoo’s social media channels, and the red flag will be activated on the front page of our website to notify those looking for ZOOLIGHTS information.

Q: What adaptations to ZOOLIGHTS are made during cold weather?

A: The main change is that our activities will move from the outdoor lawns to inside the ENMAX Conservatory. These changes include:

  • Greeters – will move into the zoo tunnel
  • Activities will move into Kitamba East:
    • Activities relocate from Grazers Lawn
    • Migration Memory Game relocate from West Lawn
    • How Animals Adapt (dress up game) and Adaptation puzzles relocate from ENMAX lawn
  • Activities that will close in bad weather:
    • Grazers Lawn – Vancouver Island Marmot: The Den Experience
    • West Lawn – the Long(ish) Journey – migration game
    • ENMAX Lawn – Bearing the weight of adaptation and infographics.
  • Activities that remain open in all weather:
    • All light displays
    • Skating rink and Skate Shack
    • Fire pits – with reduced volunteer attendance
    • All activities and photo opportunities inside ENMAX Conservatory

Event Details:

· Date: Join us November 24, 2017 – January 6, 2018, excluding December 25, 2017

· Time: Nightly from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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