June 8, 2017 Calgary Zoo

Lemur Countdown

It’s almost here! Join the zoo on July 5, 2017 for a spectacular beginning to the Land of Lemurs legacy in Calgary. The brand new walk-through habitat will finally be unveiled to members, zoo fans and visitors, who will finally be able to experience lemurs in person after months of waiting.

Picture it-  you’re walking through a forest, sunlight filtering through the trees. You hear a rustling and catch a glimpse of movement in the corner of your eye. A ring-tailed lemur leaps through the foliage, landing to your right.

Leapin' lemurs! Make sure to keep any eye out for lemurs in the trees around you.

Leapin’ lemurs! Make sure to keep any eye out for lemurs in the trees around you.

No you’re not in Madagascar – you’re visiting the zoo’s brand new habitat Land of LemursGuests will experience three different species of lemurs as they wander through the interactive space.

In 2012, the Calgary Zoo opened the Penguin Plunge building to great success. As the zoo prepares to open its newest addition since Penguins, we looked to repeat what has made Penguin Plunge so popular. In particular- proximity to the species! This experience will take you on a path right through where our lemurs live.

Stay tuned for more lemur information to come leaping your way. Sneak peek updates will be posted weekly until the opening.

Cant’ wait until July 5th? All child members, Engage members and Inspire members will have the opportunity for sneak peek! Eligible members will be able to explore the habitat before everyone else from June 28 – July 2, 2017.

Thank you for supporting wildlife conversation and the launch of Land of Lemurs. Zoo member play an important role in the zoo’s success here and around the world.
People and lemurs in Madagascar depend on forests for their livelihoods. We all play a part in helping protect and care for forests around the world.

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