October 6, 2017 Calgary Zoo

Marmots on the Move

This year 16 Vancouver Island marmot pups were born at the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre (DWCC).

On September 8, the DWCC animal care and veterinary team crated 11 pups for their road trip to Vancouver Island Mount Washington Facility with Dr. Malcolm McAdie of the Vancouver Island Marmot Foundation. These pups will overwinter there and will then be released next spring.  Three of the remaining pups will be shipped to the Toronto Zoo this week and two will be staying at the DWCC. The five pups remaining in captivity have been retained for their genetic value and will be paired with other marmots down the road.

Vancouver Island marmot pup.

This year’s naming theme was “Vancouver Islands”, in honour of Canada’s 150th – Stuart, Gambier, Galiano, Denman, Annacis, Bligh, Saturna, Flores, Gabriola, Sidney, Nootka (five males and six females). Another step in the success story towards the recovery of Canada’s most endangered animal.

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