March 1, 2017 Calgary Zoo

Celebrate World Wildlife Day this March 3!

You can make a difference in the future of wild species! It’s World Wildlife Day on Friday, March 3, 2017, and a reminder that individual actions make an impact on the future of our planet. Where to start?

We talk about conservation year-round, but this is a special time to remind us of the little actions that we can all take, each and every day, to support wildlife. Starting with small actions can lead to bigger impacts on our environment.

Be a wildlife warrior by:

  • Visiting the zoo and taking action to save wildlife. Your admission helps us care for species and continue our conservation work.
  • Recycling paper or purchasing FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper to help to protect forests- and the homes of many species.
  • Looking for Ocean Wise seafood products in the grocery store, and purchasing sustainably harvested seafood to help protect our oceans.
  • Exercising your purchasing power! Buy from organizations like the Snow leopard Trust or Rainforest Alliance, to support the conservation of animals and habitat protection. Products, such as our Rainforest Alliance Land of Lemurs chocolate bars, are found in the zoo’s gift shop.
  • Composting your food scraps and biodegradable products in our three-stream bins. Reduce your contribute to landfills!
  • Recycling your technology. Bring to your old cell phone to the zoo and recycle with our cell phone recycling program in to help preserve wild gorilla habitat.
  • Participating in a river or ecological clean up to protect local environments.
  • Supporting education. Donations, membership and admission to the zoo help us educate 65,000 school kids each year when they visit the zoo to learn about conservation!

It’s possible to #DoOneThingToday.

The cell phone recycling bins can be found in the TransAlta Rainforest and at Guest Relations.

The cell phone recycling bins can be found in the TransAlta Rainforest and at Guest Relations.

Spread the word this #WorldWildlifeDay! Tweet and post with the hashtags #WorldWildlifeDay #Youth4Wildlife #YoungVoices and inspire others to join you in protecting our wildlife.

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