May 15, 2015 Calgary Zoo

Endangered Species Day

As we celebrate Endangered Species Day today, it serves as a reminder of the vital work that zoos and aquariums are doing worldwide, as well as how much further we must go to protect the endangered species that that are so important to our ecosystems.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has introduced a campaign to raise awareness for that pupose. SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction will focus on preserving extinct species, while restoring them to healthy and sustainable populations in the wild. This campain aims to “[engage] the 180 million annual aquarium and zoo visitors and partners across the world to protect habitat, decrease threats, and restore populations to sustainable levels.”

There are 229 zoos and aquariums linked together through AZA- accreditation, creating a diverse network of facilities, knowledge, and practice. The Calgary Zoo is one of them, and we are proud to care for two critically endangered species, eight endangered species, as well as 15 vulnerable species. We also participate in a large number of SSP (Species Surival Plans). In fact, 31% of the animals at the Calgary Zoo are involved in an SSP breeding program.

Are your favourite animals at the zoo endangered or threatened? Check the list below.

Critically Endangered:

Western lowland gorilla
Vancouver Island marmot

Endangered species:

Northern rockhopper penguin
East African grey-crowned crane
Whooping crane
Siberian (Amur) Tiger
Snow Leopard
Przewalski’s wild horse
Grevy’s zebra
Turkmenian markhor

Vulnerable species:

Three-toed box turtle
Giant Asian pond turtle
African pancake tortoise
Crested Gecko
Komodo dragon
West African dwarf crocodile
Southern rockhopper penguin
Humboldt penguin
Bald ibis
African lion
Red panda
Hartmann’s mountain zebra
One-horned rhinoceros

Help support our conservation efforts! Every visit to the zoo puts money towards saving species. Looking to be a Endangered Species Day hero? Help us here.

Learn more at ‪#‎SavingSpecies‬

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