July 23, 2018 Calgary Zoo

Guardians of the Wild – Find the frog with Rainforest Alliance

Why should you help save the planet, you might ask? Well, because we’re all the people who live in it! We’re challenging you- yes YOU – to become a Guardian of the Wild this summer and take action in your daily life. Help preserve the rainforest by shopping with the green frog’approval. 

You’ve joined the mission for conservation, and now you’re in the running to win intra-planetary prizes! How can fulfill your Guardian status? Start by Land of Lemurs, where you’ll find a station that’s all about the Rainforest Alliance and their frog logo. When in doubt trust the green frog, it knows what products are the most rainforest-friendly.  

The Rainforest Alliance logo is a symbol of every guardian’s commitment to protecting the planet and products with the little green frog stamp are made from sustainably harvested rainforest crops that leave the habitat intact. So many of the groceries we take for granted come from the rainforest: everything from chocolate to vanilla, and plenty of flavours in between! Sustainably-harvested rainforest crops leave lots of habitat intact. That means homes for species and sustainable industries for people. 

Visit Land of Lemurs to find the code for the Rainforest Alliance!

Visit Land of Lemurs to find the code for the Rainforest Alliance!

Use your consumer power to help preserve the rainforests. Look for the little green frog’s stamp of approval through the RainForest Alliance logo. If you feel a need to sample a few flavours of RFA ice cream and chocolate while you’re at it, we won’t judge! 

You’re a Guardian! What do you do? 

  • Visit as many Action Stations as you can to increase your chances of winning the grand prize trip to China and other galactic-sized prizes. 
  •  You don’t need to visit every Action Station to play, but it will increase your odds of winning because each station has its own unique contest entry code.  
  • Collect each code and enter them at calgaryzoo.com/WILD  

It’s as simple as that!  

Don't forget a station with our Guardians of the Wild map.

Don’t forget a station with our Guardians of the Wild map.


  • Yes, these pledges are tied to simple actions that we can all take in our daily lives to make an impact.  
  • Each station does have a unique code- don’t enter them online until you have as many as you can. You only have one opportunity to enter this contest, so you’re going to want to hoard your codes.  
  • Gather a glittery collection of conservation codes? Whether all 10 codes, or as many as you want, go to www.calgaryzoo.com/WILD and enter them for a chance to win galactic-size prizes including a trip for two to China to see giant pandas!  
  • The program runs from July 4 – September 3 and the winners will be contacted by September 14. A full list of the rules and regulations is listed on the website. 

Ring-Tail lemurs at the zoo Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

What can you win?  

Check here for the list of prizes– they’re out of this world. Do you want to win a flight for two to China?

We thought so. Let’s do this!  

Who knew that supporting wildlife conservation could be so exciting!? There’s so much to win, and only a few months to do it! That’s your new mission: become a Guardian of the Wild from July 4 – September 3, 2018, and stay a conservation ambassador for life.

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