June 23, 2017 Calgary Zoo

Leading up to Land of Lemurs- What have we built

We’re less than two weeks away from opening Land of Lemurs! Zoo visitors can finally discover the new habitat for themselves on July 5, 2017. Land of Lemurs is located behind the African lions in Destination Africa, where there used to be an unused area.

So just what have we built in the new space?

We officially broke ground on June 6, 2016 – just over a year ago! Our entire crew, from PCL employees to zoo staff were thrilled to start work on a project that had been anticipated for so many years.

By August 2016 the team had completed significant grading on the site, including paths surrounding the habitat, and creation of the cement posts that would support a giant wooden boardwalk were underway.  

By October 2016 the masonry block walls in our main building were almost complete. The moat and trees were being installed, and continual progress on the construction of the wood boardwalk was especially apparent.

Did you know that we used FSC Accoya certified lumber to build our boardwalk? If you don’t know, FSC stands for Forestry Stewardship Counsel and the lumber receives a certification only if it has very specific criteria for what constitutes strict and responsible forest management. The total area is 255 m2 or 2745 SF of FSC lumber used to create the Land of Lemur boardwalk! The wood was chosen specifically because using FSC wood aligns with our conservation priorities for Land of Lemurs- which is deforestation!

The weather cooled down in February 2017, but the project was still hot on our minds. The glass chosen for the lemur house was a bird friendly glass with special etching. These marks are barely visible to the human eye, but easily spotted by birds! We are pleased to have included an effective solution to mitigate and deter future bird collisions.

This photo is from May 2017 – the month where Animal Care was able to start their move into the building. It was time to prep for bringing in the different species! Lemurs were introduced to the building after their interior habitats were spruced up with a variety of plants, large tree platforms and rope structures.

So what does the habitat look like now? You’ll have to see for yourself – starting July 5!!

Lemur low-down: 

  • Land of Lemurs will open to zoo visitors on July 5, 2017.
  • Can’t wait that long? Loyal zoo members will have the opportunity for sneak peek! Eligible members will be able to explore the habitat before everyone else from June 28 – July 2, 2017.

Stay tuned for more lemur information to come leaping your way. Sneak peek updates will be posted weekly until the opening.

Thank you for supporting wildlife conversation and the launch of Land of Lemurs.
People and lemurs in Madagascar depend on forests for their livelihoods. We all play a part in helping protect and care for forests around the world.

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