April 5, 2018 Calgary Zoo

Meet our giant pandas: Da Mao

The Calgary Zoo has welcomed four giant pandas! Panda Passage will open officially to visitors on May 7, so it’s time you get to know our pandas.

Meet Da Mao.

The Calgary Zoo is pleased to welcome panda Da Mao to the zoo for the next five years as an ambassador for his species. Of the four giant pandas at the Calgary Zoo, he is the adult male, and will be staying at the zoo for a full five years before returning to China.

Dao Mao quick snacks facts!

Did you know that over half of a panda’s day is spent eating bamboo, which makes up 99% of its diet? Da Mao is no exception- he loves to eat, and he can be quite picky. He only likes to snack on the best quality bamboo, and nothing less! However, he needs a lot of it, because an adult panda will consume up to 38kg of bamboo a day.

Da Mao enjoying water in his habitat. Photo credit: Toronto Zoo

Da Mao enjoying water in his habitat. Photo credit: Toronto Zoo

Da Mao is also known to be a playful bear. When he lived at Toronto Zoo from 2013-2018, the zoo captured many videos of him playing with enrichment items in his habitat. He also seems to love the snow, and likes to take advantage of a Canadian snow day. Check out the videos below!

These charming and elusive bears are the pride of China, where conservation efforts have helped to preserve the vulnerable species. The Calgary Zoo is working in collaboration with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Szechuan, China; an internationally-recognized non-profit center focused on panda conservation research and breeding. As a valuable adult male, Da Mao is part of a breeding plan, and we hope to breed him during his stay here at the Calgary Zoo.

Panda Passage opens May 7! Visit our four individuals – adult pandas Er Shun and Da Mao, and cubs Jia Panpan and Jua Yueyue.

Engage and Inspire zoo members get a home-court advantage with fun sneak peeks and member previews from April 27- May 5 – which means panda visits before anyone else.

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