December 3, 2015 Calgary Zoo

One Degree of Change Can Make a Huge Difference

While strolling through ZOOLIGHTS this year, you’ll find a new feature lighting up Zone 3. We have a new interactive light display that shines a spotlight on polar bears, and how they’re affected by climate change. While we don’t have polar bears at the zoo, what can you do to help them thrive?

The Calgary Zoo’s focus on conservation extends throughout the organization with a strong focus on being a centre of excellence and influence in saving species and wild places.

Through our programs and practices, we are consistent in our commitment to environmental responsibility and ZOOLIGHTS is no exception. This year, we are featuring a brand new interactive light display that demonstrates how a small change can make a huge impact on a critical environmental problem – climate change.

We shift the visitor to the Antarctic and Arctic environments for a moment and educate them on the impact of global warming, the polar ice caps in particular and how it affects the wildlife that inhabit the area. A console allows visitors to engage with this reality by placing their hand on the monitor and watch, in lights, how the rise in temperature affects the ice cap. When the thermometer rises, the ice cap shrinks and the lit up polar bear figure is left isolated on top of a smaller ice cap.

Download the ZOOLIGHTS Map and plan your visit to make the perfect holiday night out.This fun new interactive feature is found in Zone 3.

Guests will learn about this critical reality, but will also leave with suggestions on how they can make a difference. Empowering our visitors to change behaviours and inspire action is an important part of the Calgary Zoo’s mission. For example, turning down ones thermostat by one degree, teaches everyone to use resources responsibly.

A valuable lesson to take home as well as the satisfaction of experiencing Calgary’s favorite holiday tradition, where even your admission in the gate, contributes to our important conservation initiatives.

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