June 1, 2018 Calgary Zoo

Plan the perfect panda visit

Panda Passage opened on May 7, and Calgary Zoo visitors are partying with the pandas!

What do you need to know to plan YOUR perfect panda visit? 

 What are the most important things to know about visiting Panda Passage? 

  1. Panda Passage is free with zoo admission: There is no extra admission required to visit the #calgarypandas- simply attend the zoo as a member or as a regular day visitor and you will have access to the panda building. 
  1. Add free Time Ticketing: free of charge, book a special time during the day to visit the pandas. Select a half hour when you would most like to visit Panda Passage, and enjoy access to a fast track lane at the habitat – bypass lines and visit the pandas right way. 
Pandas at the Calgary Zoo.

These pandas are constantly looking for bamboo to munch. Catch them in the act!

Panda Passage Q&A’s  

  • What is a timed ticket? 

To ensure you have a great experience and to reduce your waiting times, the Calgary Zoo is offering a timed ticket service, where you can pre-select a panda viewing time during your visit.  

  • What are the time frames that they can choose? 

Timed tickets are issued between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily, in half hour increments. On weekends we can sell out by noon, so we recommend booking your ticket online when you purchase your zoo admission or use your membership account in advance. 

Giant Pandas at the Calgary Zoo.

  • What is the price for timed tickets in addition to the daily admission rate? 

There is no cost for timed entry tickets! If you are purchasing your daily admission tickets online, you can select your timed ticket at the same time. Members can get their timed tickets anytime by logging into their accounts online. You may still visit the pandas with general admission if you choose not to pick a time online, however the zoo cannot guarantee access if you do not pre-select your times.  

  • Will members require a timed ticket?  

Inspire and Engage Members have an exclusive viewing time from 9 – 10 a.m. daily. Entry during this time does not require a timed entry ticket. If visiting the zoo after 10 a.m., Members don’t require a timed ticket, but are free to obtain one if they wish. Please select your timed ticket by logging in online or visiting Guest Relations or other distribution points at the zoo.   

  • How will the timed tickets be made available to customer? 

Visitors will be able to get their timed tickets online, at the kiosks located in Alberta Plaza, at the Guest Relations windows or on grounds at the Plan Your Visit table. There are extra opportunities to find them on park: 

  • June: weekends only at Panda Passage.
  • July and August: daily at the Plan Your Visit booth.
  • Do guests need to check in at Panda Passage before their assigned time? 

You don’t need to check-in in advance at the habitat with your timed ticket. We encourage you to explore the rest of the zoo and to only arrive at Panda Passage within the time assigned to you on your ticket. Please do not arrive early for your time.

  • I’ve missed my assigned time? Do I miss out? 

No! Time ticketing’s purpose is to assist visitors who wish to enjoy a streamlined visit at Panda Passage. By visiting outside of the time, visitors will still enjoy Panda Passage, just with the rest of the visitors.

The pandas are here, and we can’t wait for you to visit them.
Help us celebrate the first summer in Calgary for our four pandas. Get to know them individually: 

Meet: Er Shun
Meet: Da Mao
Meet: Jia Panpan
Meet: Jia Yueyue

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