March 21, 2016 Calgary Zoo

Spring break the right way at the Calgary Zoo! Here are our top ten tips…

Spring has sprung in Calgary- and so has Spring Break! The first day of this lovely season is March 20, which means it’s that time of year where #yyc weather will begin to warm, and students are looking for some fun during their time off.

If you’re searching for a unique outing and want to try out some engaging attractions during this time with your kids, look no further than the Calgary Zoo.

We’ve got the fun (and the variety) to keep your family entertained this spring break.

Spring break the right way at the Calgary Zoo! Here are your top ten tips:

1. Easter Eggstravaganza– Easter weekend is fast approaching, and we’re hopping to it! Our Easter Eggstravaganza event is back and better than ever- featuring bunny races, photo ops, and sweet activities for all ages. We’re going green this year, and sweetest of all, it’s FREE with admission.

2. Oh baby- Are your kids all about the baby mammals? In the last year the Calgary Zoo has welcomed a giraffe calf (currently standing at 8.5 feet, Moshi is a big deal!), a red panda cub named Usha, and a brand new baby gorilla. Catch the first two roaming around in the African Savannah and Eurasia respectively, and then catch a peek of the newest great ape in TransAlta Rainforest. The baby gorilla is only a week old, so catching a glimpse requires patience, but it’s worth it!

Mom Kioja nurses her new baby.

Mom Kioja nurses her new baby.

3. Catch a carnivore feed! The zoo is a place where kids learn through up close encounters with wild animals. Ever wondered what a lion looks like feasting on his daily meal? Check the daily feed schedule and make sure you’re right up front to watch nature’s top predators eat lunch.

4. Spot the wookie! No, we don’t have any Star Wars characters on grounds, but we do have one fluffy king penguin chick. When you’re visiting the popular Penguin Plunge building, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Nero. He’s our youngest penguin, but due to his eating schedule and fabulous feathers, he’s also the biggest, heaviest and fluffiest!

5. #‎dinosaliveyyc is back with a vengeance, and we’re letting these “lizards” loose, so don’t miss out on opening week- we’re pumping it up with programs, performances and more. Keep and eye out for our mascot and dino expert Sam- he loves dinosaurs just as much as your kids and can’t wait to tell you about them.

6. Sometimes hands on learning is best! Take a minute to experience one of our daily Creature Features, a program where the wee ones can view and meet a small animal up close. These intimate sessions are a great way to spark that animal love and ask a keeper those one on one burning questions. How does a snake shed it’s skin? What do hedgehogs eat?

7. It’s time for some tigers! Stop by the daily Tiger Training at 11 a.m. and watch our zookeeper put a tiger through its paces. In order to make sure our vets can work with the big kitties, these strong mammals listen to keeper direction- in return for some yummy treats. Have you ever seen a tiger stretch to it’s full height? You will during this program!

8. Don’t miss seeing our hippo Lobi perform his backflips — you’ll need patience, not to mention you’ll be inside of Destination Africa.

9. So cute we can hardly bear it! The grizzly and black bears are coming out in Canadian Wilds, as they’ve started to wake from their winter sleep. Tip: our littlest black bears love to climb the biggest tree in their habitat. Keep an eye out for a bear on a mission!

10. Need to refuel? Stop by Kitamba Cafe and grab a warm meal,  or take a break by sipping a hot beverage from Kitamba Java or one of our other food outlets. We feature vegetarian friendly and gluten free foods so everyone can leave satisfied.

There’s always something fun to do at the zoo, so spring to that well deserved break!

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