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Where in the world is our CFO?

Have you been following the travels of our Chief Financial Officer, Allan Pedden? Our Facebook has been following his worldly travels for the past few weeks as he makes his first trip to Africa! What on earth is Allan doing there, you ask?

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Leading up to Land of Lemurs- What have we built

We’re less than two weeks away from opening Land of Lemurs! Zoo visitors can finally discover the new habitat for themselves on July 5, 2017. Land of Lemurs is located behind the African lions in Destination Africa, where there used to be an unused area.

So just what have we built in the new space?

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Leading up to Land of Lemurs – Community Based Conservation

Bringing Madagascar to Alberta! Join the zoo on July 5, 2017 for a spectacular beginning to the Land of Lemurs legacy in Calgary. The brand new walk-through habitat will finally be unveiled to zoo fans and visitors, who will be able to experience lemurs in person after months of waiting. Did you know that your visit will support exciting new conservation opportunities in Africa?

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One Year Anniversary of Shea Butter Production in Wechiau

It’s a time for celebration here at the zoo- and in Ghana, West Africa!

This week last year, our partners in the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary (WCHS) in Ghana had just opened a brand new shea butter factory.

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Zoofari- what’s the big deal about the Big Five?


As soon as you say that you’re going on safari, people often ask if you’re going to see the “Big Five”. If you doubt this, just sign up for one of the Calgary Zoo Zoofari travel programs, like this fall’s trip to Tanzania and Kenya and see what happens!

The “Big Five” doesn’t refer to the five biggest animals of Africa. It refers to the ones that were the most difficult and dangerous, and therefore the most popular, for big-game hunters to pursue in the early days of safari hunting.

Can you name them all?

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The Wechiau Hippo Factory: Next steps towards a shea butter factory

The Calgary Zoo has been a primary supporter of the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary since its formation in 1998, and has been privileged to help it grow and flourish. At its origin, the Wechiau sanctuary was created when principal chiefs and elders of the Wechiau area recognized a need to preserve one of West Africa’s last remaining healthy hippo populations.

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Bring Your Senses Alive on a Zoofari!


Do you use all of your senses in your daily life? In today’s society, we have become visual creatures. But what about our other senses? Re-awaken them when you join one of the Calgary Zoo’s African Zoofari programs. Perhaps in Tanzania or Kenya?

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