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It’s a baby bonanza- springtime at the Calgary Zoo!

It’s the first week of June, and spring has been busy so far here at the zoo! Many of our species in Canadian Wilds have new additions in their habitats, and Destination Africa didn’t want to be left out… so just how many cute animal babies CAN you see during your spring visit?

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Surprise! Spring red panda cubs make an adorable debut



In the cutest news we’ve shared in the past few weeks, two male red panda cubs are now romping through their habitat. These adorable twins were born earlier this spring on June 21, 2016, and like most den animals, spent the first few months of their life bonding with their mom away from the public eye.

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TALL ORDER, MONTHS IN THE MAKING- Calgary Zoo welcomes female giraffe calf

We have a great reason to be excited today- we have a new member of our zoo family! After nearly a year and half wait, the Calgary Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a healthy female giraffe calf.

Carrie the reticulated giraffe gave birth to her calf yesterday morning, and the “little one” is thriving, wobbly taking her first steps minutes after birth. See the “little” one in person!

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