In the field – Education staff experience Grasslands National Park

The Conservation Research  team in Grasslands National Park.

What it like to visit the Conservation Research team during their fieldwork? Calgary Zoo Educator Andrea Beaty shares her journals of this summer’s experience.

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One Year Anniversary of Shea Butter Production in Wechiau

It’s a time for celebration here at the zoo- and in Ghana, West Africa!

This week last year, our partners in the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary (WCHS) in Ghana had just opened a brand new shea butter factory.

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Free zoo programming gets BOLD and BOTANICAL!

A Botanical Interpreter at the Superhero Plants theatrical program talking about sagebrush.

Safety blankets, Mr. Teddy, cookies, chips… we all have those items that we just can’t live without. For the greater sage-grouse, that item is the silver sagebrush (Artemisia cana). Only for them, the silver sagebrush is more than just a luxury; it is their home, their nutrition, and their mating stage. For the grouse, sagebrush means life.

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Why is conserving leopard frogs like a game of Jenga?

A northern leopard frog- one of the endangered frog species in Alberta.

Why is conserving leopard frogs like a game of Jenga? Our Conservation Research team has found that a declining leopard frog population is bad news for the entire wetland ecosystem where they live.
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Calgary Zoo Whooping Crane “grandchick” makes history in Louisiana!

The 'grandchick' of Nelson from the Calgary Zoo in its wild nest.

Great news! This spring was a special one for whooping crane recovery efforts in North America.

Photo credit: Sara Zimorski, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
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Compost the most with our Green Team

The logo for the zoo's Green Team, leading change in sustainability and conservation practices on grounds.

As the saying goes, it’s not easy being green. Here at the zoo, we’ve started making big strides towards becoming more and more sustainable in our operations. After all, our vision at the zoo is to be Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation—but what’s wildlife without a healthy planet and ecosystem to support it? You’ve heard it before, all the little actions we take add up and make a real difference. Not only are we continuously looking for more ways for the zoo to be more sustainable, but our staff are passionate about walking the talk to support our green vision.

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International singer Kiesza raises her voice for gorillas

When it comes to her passion for gorillas, Kiesza doesn’t hideaway.

As soon as the international pop sensation heard about a new baby gorilla in her hometown, she immediately thought about how she could lend her voice and support to protect these endangered species.

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Calgary Zoo welcomed as IUCN member

The Calgary Zoo is situated in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, just an hour's drive from the Canadian Rockies.

The Calgary Zoo is both proud and excited to be a new member of the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Founded in 1948, the IUCN brings together states, government agencies, and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership: almost 1,300 Members and more than 15,000 volunteer experts in 185 countries.

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