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Spring break the right way at the Calgary Zoo! Here are our top ten tips…

Spring has sprung in Calgary- and so has Spring Break! The first day of this lovely season is March 20, which means it’s that time of year where #yyc weather will begin to warm, and students are looking for some fun during their time off.

If you’re searching for a unique outing and want to try out some engaging attractions during this time with your kids, look no further than the Calgary Zoo.

We’ve got the fun (and the variety) to keep your family entertained this spring break.

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Dinosaurs Alive…hibernating for the winter?

If you’re wandering the Calgary Zoo in the coming months, you might stop by Prehistoric Park (PHP)– only to find it closed for the season on November 1. Why? Well don’t worry, these dinos aren’t going extinct- it’s more like a hibernation of sorts….

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