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Meet Sam!


Hi there! My name is Sam and the Calgary Zoo has asked me to talk about the dinosaurs here at the Prehistoric Park.

Why you ask? Because I’m the biggest dinosaur fan ever!!! Just check out my super cool button – that’s a Triceratops on there by the way. Triceratops is pretty much the neatest dinosaur ever……. well except for Tyrannosaurus rex. Oh, and Stegosaurus! Can’t forget Corythosaurus either! I think all of the dinosaurs are all pretty awesome actually. I’m going to be a palaeontologist when I grow up, or maybe a Velociraptor……

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Who’s Who at the Zoo: meet Dinosaur Interpreter Janina Kowalski


Meet Janina, the zoo’s new Dinosaur Interpreter in the Education department. While you’re visiting the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit you might run into her- make sure to ask her some cool dino facts! We get to know Janina in our “Who’s who at the zoo” blog series.

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Are you ready for Dinosaurs Alive?


Travel back to a time when triceratops and iguanodons roamed the earth! This March, the Calgary Zoo is proud to bring back Dinosaurs Alive, an animatronic dinosaur exhibit that will allow you to experience what Alberta might have looked like when dinosaurs reigned supreme. Member preview week is from March 11 to March 18, 2015, and then come March 19, the dinos are unleashed on the rest of our visitors!

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