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Celebrate EARTH Day! E-rase your e-waste at the Calgary Zoo

We’re calling all Calgarians to step up and make a difference just in time for Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. Earth Day reminds us that all people are connected globally, and that our actions can both negatively and positively affect our home. Why not create positives this year and recycle unused electronics? Working with GEEP, Global Electric Electronic Processing, the zoo is hosting a FREE four-day drop off event to collect unused electronics.

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Compost the most with our Green Team

As the saying goes, it’s not easy being green. Here at the zoo, we’ve started making big strides towards becoming more and more sustainable in our operations. After all, our vision at the zoo is to be Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation—but what’s wildlife without a healthy planet and ecosystem to support it? You’ve heard it before, all the little actions we take add up and make a real difference. Not only are we continuously looking for more ways for the zoo to be more sustainable, but our staff are passionate about walking the talk to support our green vision.

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