Don’t miss a thing! Check our ILLUMINASIA Itinerary

Have you been down to the zoo to take in the incredible lanterns at ILLUMINASIA Lantern and Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada? If not, we have the perfect itinerary ready for you to make the most your night. Read more

ILLUMINASIA: The Festival Guide 2016

The brightest fall event is returning to Calgary in 2016! The Calgary Zoo’s ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada is back and bigger than before- and we’re not just talking the size of the lanterns!

For those looking to get lost in the glow of a beautiful walk in the gardens, or aiming to take in the brand new stage show, there is something for everyone who likes a night out at the zoo. Here is your ‘how-to’ guide to enjoying ILLUMINASIA.

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ILLUMINASIA: And Now for a Completely Different Date Night . . .


It was time for the grown-ups to have a little fun. Part Two of the Calgary Zoo’s new fall program dubbed ILLUMINASIA had just begun when Philippa Wagner and her husband, Bayne, decided to grab their cameras and head to the grounds for a Saturday night date.

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ILLUMINASIA: Your guide to India


If you’re planning to check out ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada during the next few weeks, we’ve got you covered.

The third country to be highlighted during the festival is India! Not only are the vibrant lanterns still on grounds to visit, but the diverse culture of India is celebrated through food, dance, and a variety of unique activites.

We’ve created a snapshot of a nightly visit during the India weeks from October 15-25 to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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ILLUMINASIA: Lanterns and their Animal Connection

ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada is starting… TOMORROW!

We’re so excited for the launch on September 17, and for our community to experience this inagural festival with us. Not only were these lanterns created in China under the guidance of 800 years of lantern tradition, but the lanterns also represent Chinese animals, as well as Species Survival Plan (SSP) animals here at the zoo!

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ILLUMINASIA: Meet Kenichi Ebina

Have you attended ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada? We’re currently enjoying the second feature week of China, but there’s always something new and fun around the corner. Japan starts October 1- 11, and will feature some incredible programming and performances – including nightly performances by Kenichi Ebina, the Season 8 winner of ‘America’s Got Talent.”

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ILLUMINASIA: Meet John Leung

The very first ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada starts on September 17- Are you ready!?

If you’ve read our ‘how-to’ guide for the festival, you know that it is broken up into three sections by country, each lasting for two weeks. China is featured from September 17 – 27, and will be celebrated through the lantern display, performances, and incredible programming.

Highlights include a gardening class that teaches how to steep the perfect pot of green tea, and a creative cooking class on September 18. You can learn to create Chinese dishes and noodles under the guidance of Chef John Leung, MasterChef Canada contestant, with a special chopstick demonstration!

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ILLUMINASIA: The festival guide

The very first ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada starts on September 17- Are you ready!?

Here is your ‘how-to’ guide to ensure you get the most out of your festival experience! You see, ILLUMINASIA isn’t just a display of incredible 366 handmade Chinese lanterns, but it’s also a celebration of food, culture, art, gardens and fantastic entertainment!

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ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival: The history of Chinese lanterns

Light up your night out! The Calgary Zoo’s new event, ILLUMINASIA, Lantern & Garden Festival, is a bright spot this fall!

What exactly is ILLUMINASIA? Well one thing is for sure- it isn’t ZOOLIGHTS 2.0!

Calgarians are accustomed to spending their winter nights out at the zoo during ZOOLIGHTS, admiring millions of lights in the snow. While this event also lights up the zoo at night, there is even more to explore and enjoy.

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