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King penguin chick #2 hatches at the zoo!

We’re so excited- there’s a new king penguin in the family!

On June 16, 2016, king penguin Grace laid an egg. After last year’s success with hatching the zoo’s first ever king penguin chick, Nero, a new egg caused quite the stir. Our zookeepers watched and waited with anticipation as Grace guarded her egg, until her chick emerge on August 6.

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Calgary Zoo egg sculpture celebrates life on earth

With the island newly reopened on November 28th, it’s been an exciting week  here at the zoo. The flood damage repairs are almost complete and  it seems like everyone is looking forward to reconnecting with something different.

If you’ve been down for a visit in the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed our fabulous new sculpture at the north entrance. We’re getting lots of questions about it, and this post will answer a few of them.

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