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Volunteering on Tortoise Time

With National Volunteer Week upon us, it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on our selfless citizens, and one of our longtime volunteers. Often seen with our tortoise Sheldon, Shirley Servis is an incredible member of the Calgary Zoo volunteer force.

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Zoofari- what’s the big deal about the Big Five?


As soon as you say that you’re going on safari, people often ask if you’re going to see the “Big Five”. If you doubt this, just sign up for one of the Calgary Zoo Zoofari travel programs, like this fall’s trip to Tanzania and Kenya and see what happens!

The “Big Five” doesn’t refer to the five biggest animals of Africa. It refers to the ones that were the most difficult and dangerous, and therefore the most popular, for big-game hunters to pursue in the early days of safari hunting.

Can you name them all?

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