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Zoo camps- a once in a lifetime experience

Like many summer camps, the zoo offers children and teens an opportunity to make new friends and have fun in a unique setting. We too deliver games, themed activities and have clever ways to stay outside and work around unpredictable weather. But where else can you make a willow and dandelion doll for a rhino?

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Who are the Calgary Zoo Interpreters?

Guest blog: Adam Fisher, Calgary Zoo Engage member.

Who are zoo interpreters? Zoo interpreters are knowledgeable people who talk to zoo guests about what is going on currently in the animal’s life. They do this in many ways: providing educational facts through show and tell, classes, and through interpreter talks. The amazing zoo staff use artifacts like skulls, teeth, feathers, and eggs to show the public.

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Free zoo programming gets BOLD and BOTANICAL!

Safety blankets, Mr. Teddy, cookies, chips… we all have those items that we just can’t live without. For the greater sage-grouse, that item is the silver sagebrush (Artemisia cana). Only for them, the silver sagebrush is more than just a luxury; it is their home, their nutrition, and their mating stage. For the grouse, sagebrush means life.

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Walking In a Zookeeper’s Footsteps

Guest blog: Jenny Tennent and Adam Spragins, Calgary Zoo inspire members.

Adam and I have been regular attendees at the zoo for years, participating in almost every Inspire tour and member morning; however, nothing could have prepared us for the experience that awaited us on May 29 when we did the Destination Africa Zookeeper for a Day program.

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