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Sam’s field notes: Stegosaurus

Sam's Field Notes - Dinosaurs Alive

Hello again! This is Sam, and I just wanted to tell you about how much I like Stegosaurus. Why? My cousins are in town for back-to-school shopping, and we brought them to the zoo. They showed me that Stegosaurus kind of looks like a lizard crossed with a porcupine!

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Sam’s field notes: Marine Reptiles

Sam's Field Notes - Dinosaurs Alive collage

Hi everyone, it’s your resident dinosaur fan, Sam!

I spent this past week in the ‘Zoo Explorers’ summer camp and learned so many things! We went for a walk in the Prehistoric Park, and I noticed some really cool reptiles in the lagoon.They go by many names such as Elasmosaurus, Nothosaurus, and Tanystropheus, but my favorite the big and scary Tylosaurus.

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Sam’s field notes: Ankylosaurus

Sam's Field Notes

Howdy! Sam here. Today I’d like to tell you about another super cool dinosaur that I learned about: Ankylosaurus! I see that it’s another huge dinosaur for sure! I wonder why we don’t see as many little dinosaurs? I think that maybe it’s harder for the small dinosaurs to become fossils, or maybe there were just more big dinosaurs.

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Sam’s field notes: Struthiomimus

Sam's Field Notes

Hello everyone, it’s your favourite future palaeontologist Sam!

I went to the zoo with my grandparents this weekend, and I learned what dinosaurs and animals like to eat. One of the interpreters told me that there were dinosaurs that were ‘omnivores’- which means they eat plants and meat. I do too (except for broccoli)! One of my favourite animals at the zoo is the Grizzly bear, and I know that they’re an omnivore.

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Sam’s field notes: Velociraptor


Hello again, it’s Sam coming to you from the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park!

I just went to the movie theaters to see a movie that I’ve been excited about since like grade one: Jurassic World! It was so awesome! I think that if there’s a Jurassic World that I’d like to work there. I looked at my books and the velociraptor looks WAY different than the ones in the movie. Real velociraptors were only about as tall as a big dog, and as long as my dad is when he’s laying on the couch watching football. I wonder why they got so big in the movie?

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Sam’s field notes: Triceratops


Hello again, it’s Sam coming to you from the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park!

My cousins are in town – they came to visit the Calgary Stampede, and I wanted to show them the zoo! They were looking for something fun to do before they left, and what’s better than spending a day in the sun with dinosaurs!?

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Sam’s field notes: Apatosaurus


Now that’s a HUMUNGOUS dinosaur! This is Sam, and I’m standing at a dinosaur that’s so big that it looks even bigger than my school bus!

It’s called Apatosaurus and it is called a sauropod or long-necked dinosaur. One of the educators told me that sauropod means ‘lizard foot,’ and I thought that’s a weird name – it’s feet don’t look like any of the lizards at the zoo.

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Sam’s field notes: Tyrannosaurus rex


Hello there! Sam here to tell you all about one of my favorite dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus rex!

When I walked up to it I couldn’t believe how huge she is. I was staring at how big her legs were around, and I think that T-rex would have a hard time playing hide and seek. She probably wouldn’t be very good at tag either with her little arms….. I’d still play with her though, as long as she promised not to bite.

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Meet Sam!


Hi there! My name is Sam and the Calgary Zoo has asked me to talk about the dinosaurs here at the Prehistoric Park.

Why you ask? Because I’m the biggest dinosaur fan ever!!! Just check out my super cool button – that’s a Triceratops on there by the way. Triceratops is pretty much the neatest dinosaur ever……. well except for Tyrannosaurus rex. Oh, and Stegosaurus! Can’t forget Corythosaurus either! I think all of the dinosaurs are all pretty awesome actually. I’m going to be a palaeontologist when I grow up, or maybe a Velociraptor……

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