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Calgary Zoo Whooping Crane “grandchick” makes history in Louisiana!

Great news! This spring was a special one for whooping crane recovery efforts in North America.

Photo credit: Sara Zimorski, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
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Zoo Keeps Close Eye on Baby Gorilla

Today marks the 13th day since our baby gorilla arrived! The Animal Care team has been keeping close watch on how the little one is doing but are noticing that the baby is small and has a low weight. The team has seen very successful bonding between Kioja and her baby as well as strong paternal protective instincts from Kakinga. Despite these positive behaviours, the baby is not progressing as quickly as hoped.

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ILLUMINASIA: Lanterns and their Animal Connection

ILLUMINASIA Lantern & Garden Festival presented by Sinopec Canada is starting… TOMORROW!

We’re so excited for the launch on September 17, and for our community to experience this inagural festival with us. Not only were these lanterns created in China under the guidance of 800 years of lantern tradition, but the lanterns also represent Chinese animals, as well as Species Survival Plan (SSP) animals here at the zoo!

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Penguin conservation- Calgary Zoo in new role

We have some exciting news about some of our smallest feathered friends!

Earlier this year, curator Dr. Malu Celli was appointed the Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator and studbook keeper for Northern Rockhopper penguins.

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Who, what, where, when- working with whooping cranes

In the 1940’s, something scary happened- the wild whooping crane population had dipped to a mere 21 individuals worldwide. Realizing something had to be done, organizations across North America took steps to help save the species. With the aid of the Calgary Zoo and other conservation organizations, the wild population is now approximately 600 individuals and increasing. We’re proud to say that since 1989, the Calgary Zoo has been part of the captive breeding program for this iconic Canadian Species.

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The Calgary Zoo is a wild place- literally!


We love conservation at the Calgary Zoo- wild horses couldn’t drag us away!

The Calgary Zoo is a wild place- literally! The zoo’s property isn’t just restricted to the island and surrounding area, but also includes the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre, which is a conservation property outside of the city of Calgary.

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Endangered Species Day

As we celebrate Endangered Species Day today, it serves as a reminder of the vital work that zoos and aquariums are doing worldwide, as well as how much further we must go to protect the endangered species that that are so important to our ecosystems.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has introduced a campaign to raise awareness for that pupose. SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction will focus on preserving extinct species, while restoring them to healthy and sustainable populations in the wild. This campain aims to “[engage] the 180 million annual aquarium and zoo visitors and partners across the world to protect habitat, decrease threats, and restore populations to sustainable levels.”

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Loss of a matriarch


It is with heavy hearts that we regretfully announce our Amur tiger matriarch, Kita, passed away at the remarkable age of 19 Tuesday afternoon. In recent years she had shown symptoms of old age, including arthritis. As the median life expectancy for a female Amur tiger is about 14 years; Kita lived a full and long life and leaves behind an incredible legacy.

Kita was a recognizable figure at the Calgary Zoo since 1999, having arrived from the Toronto Zoo at the age of three. Ever the feisty feline, she was beloved by keepers and visitors alike, and was recognizable due to her large stature and playful nature. Not only was Kita a wonderful member of the zoo’s family, but she was also an incredibly important member of the Amur tiger family worldwide.

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