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It’s National Zoo Keeper Week and we’re sharing the love! To recognize the dedication and hard work of our amazing zookeepers, we are posting an interview of a keeper each day this week. Zookeeper number four is Caitlin, who has a soft spot for the greater sage-grouse, and for the conservation work she contributes to at the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre (DWCC). Also- the force is strong with this one… you’ll see what we mean.

Meet the Zookeeper: Caitlin Vavasour-Williams

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New zoo centre will boost conservation

Guest blog: Greg Royer, Chief Operating Officer, Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is excited about our plan to buy 333 acres of property near Strathmore as the new home for our Wildlife Conservation Centre. The new location gives us room to expand our award-winning reintroduction breeding programs for endangered species.

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In a perfect world zoos wouldn’t need to exist

Guest blog: Dr. Clement Lanthier, President and CEO, Calgary Zoo

Lost in the passionate debate in Vancouver about beluga whales is the sobering question all Canadians should be asking as we celebrate our nation’s 150th birthday. Which of Canada’s magnificent wildlife species do we want to save for the next 150 years?

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Rick Wenmen wins The Zoo and Aquarium Professional Award

Congratulations are in order! Our Devonian Wildlife Conservation Center Supervisor, Rick Wenman, was awarded the prestigious 2016 Zoo and Aquarium Professional Award from Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums.

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Calgary Zoo welcomed as IUCN member

The Calgary Zoo is both proud and excited to be a new member of the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Founded in 1948, the IUCN brings together states, government agencies, and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership: almost 1,300 Members and more than 15,000 volunteer experts in 185 countries.

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Got conservation on the brain? So does Dr. Axel!

We here at the Calgary Zoo are working hard to fulfill our vision- to be Canada’s leader in wildlife conservation!

We work locally with whooping cranes, Vancouver Island marmots, black-tailed prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, burrowing owl, swift fox, sage grouse and leopard frogs, and abroad with hippos, Humboldt penguins, lemurs… and more. Our conservation work also extends through the work of our zookeepers, who care for many animals in Species Survival Plans (SSP’s) that keep the genetic populations of endangered species healthy and thriving.

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