October 6, 2015 Calgary Zoo

Growth spurt! Catch up on the red panda cub’s first few months

The Calgary Zoo just welcomed a new red panda cub! This cute girl was born on July 15 to parents Sakura and Dusk. Not only are we thrilled to have a new cub, but a female cub will be very important to the species when she reaches breeding age to participate in the Species Survival Plan (SSP).

So why haven’t you seen her yet?

Our little cub isn’t shy- she’s just taking her time, as all red panda cubs do! Red pandas are den animals, which means that they will take shelter in a small enclosed space for comfort and safety. They raise their young in these dens, and the cubs will only leave this nesting area when they are more developed, like being able to walk and climb (and those are essential red panda activities!).

It is around three months into the little panda’s life before they are strong enough to go exploring, so they are very dependent on their mom until that time. We’re glad that Sakura is proving to be such a good mother.

Wait, how do we know that Sakura is winning mom of the year?

Webcams! The zoo team has been keeping a close eye on the little family from the start through webcams installed in the red panda den. Through constant surveillance, zookeepers and curators are able to assess the behavior and visible health of the young panda.

Until our cub has ventured out of the den, we made sure to captured some special moments in order to share them with you. Check them out and see how our smallest red panda has grown over the past two months. We hope you can handle the cute!

Two weeks:

Two weeks:

Three weeks: 

Three weeks: 

Four weeks:

Five weeks:

Seven weeks:

Eight weeks:

We will be keeping zoo fans updated so everyone will know when she’s ready to start climbing around in her habitat. She will also be receiving a name as cute as she is- so stay tuned!

While you’re waiting to see this little lady in person, get caught up on your red panda knowledge here!

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