National Zookeeper Week- Calvin Stuka


The summer of 2014, we recognized National Zoo Keeper Week! To celebrate the dedication and hard work of our amazing zookeepers, we posted an interview of a keeper each day that week! Check out Calvin below:

Meet the Zookeeper: Calvin Stuka

Q: How did you become a zookeeper?

A: “I attended the University of Alberta, and took my Bachelor of Science in Zoology, focusing on Evolutionary Zoology and Animal Biology. I then worked in pet stores to get experience, and the Edmonton Valley Zoo. I then traveled to Australia for eight months to volunteer at a Koala sanctuary in Port Macquarie and Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. After returning to Canada I then worked in the sea life caverns at West Edmonton Mall.”

Q: When did you start working for the Calgary Zoo?

A: “I became a zookeeper at our zoo in March of 2012, so I’ve been here for two and half years.”

Q: What’s your favourite animal to work with?

A: “Our youngest Amur tiger Kira! She’s fun and challenging. I’ve taken the initiative to continue her training, which is really interesting work. ”

Q: What’s a great zookeeping story that you can share with us?

A: “On my first day of work here at the zoo I was training in the Savannah building. Part of the way through the day our red river hog Ine gave birth to Kumi and Congo on exhibit, which she had never done before! It made for a very exciting and fantastic first day, and reminded me why I love working at a zoo so much.”

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