July 23, 2015 Calgary Zoo

Sam’s field notes: Velociraptor


Hello again, it’s Sam coming to you from the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park!

I just went to the movie theaters to see a movie that I’ve been excited about since like grade one: Jurassic World! It was so awesome! I think that if there’s a Jurassic World that I’d like to work there. I looked at my books and the velociraptor looks WAY different than the ones in the movie. Real velociraptors were only about as tall as a big dog, and as long as my dad is when he’s laying on the couch watching football. I wonder why they got so big in the movie?

My mom was taking me to the zoo to renew our memberships, so I had to go to Prehistoric Park and see a raptor up close to compare! I noticed its big, curved claw. I think that this claw would make velociraptor a pretty awesome hunter. I saw that a little bit further down the path there’s a big sign that shows a raptor claw compared to tigers. I think that they’re similar because both of them don’t keep their claws out, which keeps them nice and sharp. I think that those claws were also really good for holding onto their prey just like an eagle. Did you know that eagles and hawks are also called raptors and that raptor means ‘thief’? I wonder how they got that name?

Maybe they were named that because they were really tricky. I listened to the Troop Snoop talk at the zoo, and I learned that velociraptors were pretty smart, just like our gorillas at the zoo are. I never would have guessed that apes and dinosaurs could be similar!

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