October 1, 2014 Calgary Zoo

Top ten things to do in bad weather

If you’re thinking of paying the zoo a visit, but the weather outside isn’t cooperating with your plans- don’t worry! There are still tons of things to do at the zoo in bad weather. Here are some of our favourites!

1. If it’s snowing, our Amur tigers will be out– the snow just adds to their playground in Eurasia.

2. Don’t miss seeing our hippo Lobi perform his backflips — you’ll need patience, not to mention you’ll be inside of Destination Africa.

3. Bask in the warm, tropical climate of our butterfly garden in the ENMAX Conservatory. The butterflies live there seasonally, but the butterfly garden and the Garden of Life are lush and tropical all year long.

4. Cool down with our penguins and watch as the birds swim right under your feet. Find them in Penguin Plunge.

5. If it’s raining, head to Canadian Wilds and watch our bison kick up their heels in the mud – they like the rain!

6. If you’re lucky, one of our Komodo dragons might give you a wink. These giant lizards like the heat, and so will you when you check out our four dragons’ habitat in Eurasian Gateway.

7. Rain, Rain come out to play! There is nothing better than puddle jumping at the zoo! Snow days are equally as fun- we’ve seen many a snowman made on our West Lawn.

8. Need to refuel? When the clouds roll in, a great place to watch a storm is sipping a hot beverage from Java in Kitamba Café. Or if you’re looking for a longer sit down, try a great local meal at our restaurant, Grazers. Our freshly baked bread and mediterranean vegetable gnocchi will warm you right up.

9. What’s a blue-tongued skink you ask? Find out at our Creature Feature – one of our free daily programs and in a place where you can escape the elements.

10. Have you met Sheldon? He’s our leopard tortoise and is often out and about exploring in the TransAlta Rainforest building. Pop in for a visit!

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