Black Bear Cubs

In August 2017 two orphaned cubs, one female and one male from the Yukon, made a safe journey to their new home in Calgary! Their mother had become a “problem bear” in Whitehorse, and as a result the cubs were orphaned in mid-July.

Problem bear, rescue bear, and victim bear are often used interchangeably to describe black and grizzly bears that have come into conflict with humans. Humans are usually the cause of this problem, as bears are simply food motivated, always on the lookout for an easy meal, not trouble. Bears often find easy access to food around human settlements in the form of litter, waste or other food that is not stored properly – and as a result safety of both the bears and humans are compromised. 

Due to the this fact, the Government of the Yukon determined that a suitable home had to be found for the two.

They were brought to the Calgary Zoo and were slowly introduced to our white black bear Manuka. Together these three bears educate our visitors about the dangers of animals becoming habituated to humans.

The above video was taken September 16, 2017 while they were enjoying some yummy treats including a big chunk of watermelon! 🍉

This is what they look like today! There are many ways to ensure bears and humans can live in harmony. Visit the Get Bear Smart Society website for more information on how you can be bear aware at home, at work, or out in the wilderness!

Orson, Male Black Bear

Teslin, Female Black Bear




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