Update: Black bear cubs

Update! About a month ago two orphaned cubs, one female and one male from the Yukon, made a safe journey to their new home in Calgary. Their mother had become a problem bear in Whitehorse, and as a result the cubs were orphaned in mid-July. The Government of the Yukon determined that a suitable home had to be found for the two.

They will remain at our Animal Health Centre for their quarantine period. Once that has ended, they will then be slowly introduced to our white black bear Manuka. Together these three bears will be able to educate our visitors about the dangers of animals becoming habituated to humans.

The two cubs are doing well, and have grown comfortable in their temporary habitat in quarantine with their new zookeepers. The above video was taken September 16th while they were enjoying some yummy treats including a big chunk of watermelon. Stay tuned for more details about their upcoming debut!

November 4th update: the cubs introductions have been sucessful, and they are now sharing their new habitat in the Canadian Wilds with our older bear, Manuka. Visit them today!


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