September 29, 2015 Calgary Zoo

What’s red, black & cute all over?

Our new female red panda cub!

She was born on July 15, 2015 to proud parents, Sakura and Dusk. Mother Sakura is our new female and is two years old – she’s a first time mom and has done a great job caring for and raising her cub!

Sakura came to us from Granby Zoo last year on a breeding recommendation from the Species Survival Plan (SSP). Father Dusk is 11 years old and has been a zoo regular for two years.

A red panda cub is very dependent on mom for the first three months of it’s life- in fact it will not leave the nesting area until it can climb and walk. Around this three month point, it will become observable by the public as it ventures from the den and starts to explore its habitat!

We will be keeping zoo fans updated so everyone will know when she’s ready to be seen by the Calgary Zoo family. She will also be receiving a name as cute as she is- so stay tuned!

In the meantime, learn more about red pandas here! And if you’re looking for an extra dose of sweetness, check out the video from this past February, where Dusk and Sakura were treated to a special Valentine’s Day.


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