October 21, 2016 Calgary Zoo

A year of Moshi- our youngest giraffe turns one!

We can NOT believe how time has flown- it’s been a year since Moshi was born!

Our youngest giraffe was born last year on October 22, 2015. Born to mom Carrie and dad Nabo, Moshi met the world already a whopping six feet tall!

Zookeepers watched with delight as she started attempting to stand within minutes of her birth. After a few days of bonding with her mom, she was soon frolicking in the habitat and exploring the world with her parents in the African Savannah building. Here’s a cute flashback- a video from her first two weeks here at the zoo.

Though she’s grown a lot (she’s now 10.5 feet tall- how many babies do you know that grow over four feet in a year!?) Moshi is still a very curious giraffe. While we were taking her photo she decided to come visit for a while and inspect our camera.

If you’re visiting Moshi on her birthday today, stop by for the hippo and giraffe Keeper Talk at 1:30 p.m. in the African Savannah. We’ll be singing happy birthday while the girl of the moment enjoys yummy treats. 

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