February 13, 2019 Calgary Zoo

Will Zoo Be Mine? Join us for Valentine’s Day at the Calgary Zoo!

Love is in the air at the Calgary Zoo!

The Calgary Zoo will be spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with some extra lovely enrichment!

Enrichment is important for the well-being of our animals every day of the year and special days like Valentine’s Day are the perfect opportunity to show our animals some extra love by providing some special enrichment.

Giant pandas, king penguins, North American river otters and western lowland gorillas will all be receiving special Valentine’s Day enrichment on Thursday, February 14. Here’s the full schedule:


10:30 a.m. | Cequel Lodge

Our love for Kate, Charlotte, and Finnegan, is like no otter, so we’re kicking off the loveliest day of the year in Canadian Wilds with our furry friends.

King Penguins

11 a.m. | Penguin Walk

Dressed in their black and white best, our king penguins will waddle across the zoo (and into your hearts) on Thursday, when they receive some pink and red enrichment during their Penguin Walk.

Giant Pandas

Noon | Panda Passage

We can bearly contain our love for these four pandas and, while they already have their boo… bamboo that is, we wouldn’t miss the chance to deliver them a Valentine.


1:30 p.m. | TransAlta Rainforest

We’re bananas over our gorilla troop. To show just how much we ‘ape’reciate them, we’ll be delivering some extra special Valentines to the TransAlta rainforest Thursday afternoon.

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