Congratulations to the winning photos of this year's 2020 Calendar Contest!

Calendars will be on sale beginning in November, online and at the zoo. More details to be shared soon!

King Penguin - Lee Boyle
Photo by: Lee Boyle
Cougar - Elizabeth Hax
Photo by: Elizabeth Hak
Giraffe - Colin Castillo
Photo by: Colin Castillo
Red-Fronted Lemur - Heather Tran
Photo by: Heather Tran
Lion - Susan Chymko
Photo by: Susan Chymko
Hippo- Rebecca Schmal-Sklarchuk
Photo By: Rebecca Schmal-Sklarchuk
Rebecca Schmal-Sklarchuk
Photo by: Rebecca Schmal-Sklarchuk
Butterfly - Dan Fogwill
Photo by: Dan Fogwill
Peacock - Lucas Novello
Photo by: Lucas Novello
Giant Panda - Lee Boyle
Photo by: Lee Boyle
Amur Tiger - Jessica Craig
Photo by: Jessica Craig
Snow Leopard - Jessica Craig
Photo by: Jessica Craig
Prairie Dogs - Jean Wallace
Photo by: Jean Wallace

Thank you for you interest in submitting your photo to the Calgary Zoo 2020 Calendar Contest. All proceeds from this calendar will go directly to supporting wildlife conservation. They will be available for purchase online and at the Calgary Zoo in November.

Submission Process

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos for this contest. The contest is now closed.

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Unlimited submissions per person.
    • Photos cannot be watermarked.
    • Animals photographed must be currently in our collection at time of submission.
    • If photos include people, faces must not be shown.


    By entering this contest:
    • You grant the Calgary Zoo perpetual license to use, edit, display, publish, and distribute your photograph in any promotional materials, including print and electronic media.
    • You acknowledge your photo submitted was original work created solely by you and you are the sole owner of your photograph.
    • Any publication of your photo by the Calgary Zoo will not violate or infringe upon copyright of any other person or entity.

Format for Submission

Photos must be 300+dpi, at least 11x8.5” (landscape), in .jpg or .png format.

*Please note: most phone photos will not meet this resolution requirement*


The contest is now closed. Check again next year!

Tips & Tricks!

  • Morning is a great time for action shots! It's not too hot yet and the animals are usually quite active.
  • Plan your day around our Daily Programs. Get unique shots of training or feeding!
  • Think variety! We care for 100+ species and we would love to see them showcased. Bonus points for photos of species we work with in various Conservation Research projects.
  • Photos that include people are welcome for submission, but we ask that no faces be visible.
  • We love when you send us your photos - but remember that these must be high resolution and most phone camera photos will not be high quality enough.
  • Do your best to capture photos without mesh or bars so we can clearly see the beauty of each species.
  • Remember, patience is key!