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Are you passionate about saving wildlife and wild places? We’re glad you came. Join our volunteer team and help us inspire change!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Calgary Zoo! By volunteering, you’re supporting the zoo’s important conservation work, connecting our visitors to nature, creating wildlife champions, and providing a great visitor experience. It means developing new skills, sharing your passion for wildlife and conservation with others, and making new friends—both humans and animals!

Volunteers donate their skills to our year-round operation in a number of areas such as: Customer service, administration, special events, food service, visitor engagement, horticulture, educational programs and animal care support. A variety of positions and shifts are available during the weekdays and on weekends, and you can choose what works for your schedule, including popular special event volunteering for ZOOLIGHTS.

Read the roles available and complete the form below to apply for a position, a member of the Volunteer Resources team will be in touch within 2 -3 business days. 

Don’t have the time to volunteer? You can support us in other ways.

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Muskox don’t live up to their smelly name. They do not have a musk gland, although during the breeding season males create a stink by spraying themselves with urine.