Branches & Departments

Here's Who Does What at the Zoo

The Calgary Zoo employs more than 350 people who work in the various branches and departments listed below. If you’re passionate about wild life and conservation, we’ll do our best to find a place for you. Below you’ll find an overview of each department at the Calgary Zoo.

Facilities, Grounds & Environment Branch

Capital construction projects, regular zoo building maintenance and grounds security are coordinated through this branch. This branch is also responsible for the design and maintenance of all plant collections throughout the Calgary Zoo, including the ENMAX Conservatory, Dorothy Harvie Gardens, the grounds and all animal habitats.

Communications, Marketing & Sales Branch

The staff in this branch includes marketing and communications specialists and group sales coordinators. This branch is responsible for all marketing, advertising, promotions, special events, event sales, public communication and media relations

Animal Care, Conservation & Research Branch

This group is responsible for the day-to-day care of our animals. This includes animal habitat cleaning, animal enrichment activities and food preparation. This branch is also responsible for endangered species research and external conservation projects, including eco-tour programs and the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary in Ghana.

Human Resources, Education, Health & Safety Branch

Human Resources is responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing employee programs, including recruitment, training, health and safety and payroll for employees of the Calgary Zoo. Education is responsible for all aspects of educational and interpretive programming, including visitor programs, school programs and paid programs.

Guest Services Branch

A combination of full-time and seasonal employees, this branch employs more than 200 people during peak times. The areas included in this branch are Concessions, Retail, Guest Relations, and Catering.

Finance & Information Services Branch

This group is responsible for managing the zoo’s finances and providing technical support to all users of the zoo’s information systems. 

 Development Branch

This branch plans and coordinates all fundraising activities for the Calgary Zoo, a registered charity.   

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