Private Tours

This is a relaxing and educational guided tour of the Zoo with one of our Education team members.  It is a great way to get the most up to date and “insider” information about zoo plants and animals.  There are many tours to choose from or you can customize what you would like to see.


Penguin Plunge + filtration  (indoors)– Get a private viewing of the penguins before the zoo opens or after it closes with a tour of our state of the art filtration room and the sustainability features of this building.


Destination Africa (indoors)– a great tour in winter!  Tour our giraffes, hippos, red river hogs, rock hyrax, gorillas,  columbus monkeys, mandrills, and African rainforest bats and birds.


Canadian Wilds  (outdoors)– On a summer scenic tour through the Canadian wilds  you will see Bears, Wolves, Mountain goats, big horn sheep, caribou, bison, otters, muskox and cougars.


Eurasian (outdoors)– A year round favorite that visits Rhinos, komodo dragons, snow leopards, eurasian lynx, japanese macaques, tigers, ibex and red pandas.


Garden tour (both indoors and outdoors) – A beautiful summer tour of our Dorothy Harvie Gardens and Consevatory will see our seasonal displays and indoor tropicals, and even some butterflies!


Customized – Do you have a favorite animal or section of the Zoo?  We can customize to fit your group, time of year and what’s new at the Zoo.


$35 / adult

$30 / child

Prices include Zoo admission


Minimum charge is based on 15 people.  Larger groups will be split up into groups of 20 and staggered start times.

For more information or to book a date please call (403) 232-9362 or email



All tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable to another event or future program date. Unauthorized duplication or sale is prohibited. The Calgary Zoo is not responsible for unauthorized duplication or lost tickets.