New Additions

Some exciting new additions arrived at the park in 2015, and more are coming in 2016! 

New Additions in 2016

  • Theatrical performances by Wagonstage Theatre are taking over the Prehistoric Park Amphitheatre. Keep your eyes peeled for special appearances by Sam and Rex! 
  • Brand new interpretive programs will help you become an expert on the world of the dinos- from sharks to crocodiles and birds to turtles, our zoo educators will help navigate your journey into nature as it existed 65 million years ago.
  • Make a splash with new water cannons in the back lagoon (look for them in late spring).
  • Keep an eye out for fun new structures- they'll be dino sized! 

New Additions in 2015

Dino Tot Loop Expansion Project

  • Come slide through a massive tyrannosaurus rex skull!
  • Have your photo taken with our Prehistoric Park Pal, Sam- our resident dinosaur expert. He'll be a guide on your journey through Dinosaurs Alive in Prehistoric Park!

Dino Dung Loop Expansion Project

  • For a truly “immersive” experience get inside our massive sized pile of dino poo or our dino eggs!
  • Don’t forget to share your photos with your friends!


Dino Dig Loop Expansion Project

  • Larger than life ferns and meat can be explored in one of our new interpretive areas.
  • Help uncover the fossilized skeleton of a Mosasaur in our dino dig excavation site.



  • You can’t miss our colorful new interpretive centers scattered around the park. Stop at one for some bite size prehistoric information, touch and feel cool objects and even read a story about how Calgary used to be covered by a sea.

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