Head to the zoo on March 30th  from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. for a rawr-some time. Prehistoric Park is re-opening for the season and we are hosting a member morning to celebrate.

To welcome dinos back, our education team will be hosting tours to chat everything dinos! Beverages and a light breakfast will be available.

Each tour will run three times, at the following time intervals:

Tour times: 8:00 am 8:20 am 8:40 am

Location: Each tour will begin and end at the Dino Slide

Early Morning Dinosaur Watching (Scottie with Avian Dinosaur/Bird theme) What if we told you that dinosaurs still walked the earth? Come explore the extraordinary evolution of avian dinosaurs and take in a few wild dinos in their natural habitat!

What's Under Calgary? (Cory with Geology and Paleo Discovery highlights of the area) Dig deep into the ancient history beneath our vibrant young city for stories of some of the most significant fossil finds and geological events on the planet.

Dino 101 (Zack with a Basic Dino Tour) Are the dino-crazy kids in your life regularly stumping you with paleo questions? This is the tour that will sort you right out! Get the basics on the ancient species that roamed our province millions of years ago. 

*This event is for Engage and Inspire members only.